Final Boards

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Final Push

For my final boards I decided to hand do all of my drawings and do a trace line overlay on top of the rendered images.  I really felt that this style would tie the project more to the vernacular architecture style that I was after with my design.  This style would make everything less polished looking and more rural in style.  This took an immense amount of time, much more so that I thought it would.  I would take the drawings and overlay them with the renderings in photoshop to create the final images for the boards.


photo 4

hand sketched floor plan before scanning into the computer and manumitting.

photo 3


train car dining sketchphoto 2


train car lounge sketch.  I only sketched the ares that I wanted to stand 1


train station sketched elevationphoto 5

train station sketched section cutphoto 4


second sketched section cutphoto 3

dining lounge sketch.  I blacked out the chairs because I could not get revit to render them black.  I hoped this would overlay with the rendered image and show the chairs as black rather than 2Money shot sketch


Money shot showing all of the site and the train station and plan

Final site plan.  Shows bus turn out in the front, a pedestrian centric layout, building, platform, tracks, solar panel field, and orchard.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_08-20-50PM-000_3D_View_10

raw rendered ticket lobbystation.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_08-10-26PM-000_3D_View_3

raw rendered dining areastation.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_08-07-22PM-000_3D_View_2

raw rendered loungestation.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-24_12-07-57AM-000_3D_View_8

view looking though the connector out towards the platforms, with exit sign.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_08-11-14PM-000_3D_View_3

Dining area during the day.  I chose to show the space at dusk to give more depth to the images.plan

rendered floor plan after scanning the sketch and adding detail with illustrator.lobby

Rendered ticket lobby and sketch overlay.lounge

Rendered lounge with sketch overlay.dine

Rendered cafe with sketch overlay.

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Huge process week

Its just a week away until the final presentation.  So lots happening on the process front.  I’ve finalized the rail car design, started the boards, and have been working with material a great deal in Revit.  Getting the materials and lighting correct takes a huge amount of time, hours and hours, and when the cloud slows down it turns into days and days.

Night view of the communal area with materials and lighting.

The lounge side with landscaping and accent lighting placed on tables.

View of the communal area before materials and un functional

The same view with functional lighting…. station.working.3a.rvt_2014-Apr-15_01-16-10PM-000_3D_View_2

Station render with correct furniture, incorrect fabrics on safe, no materials on walls and incorrect lighting.


Looking into the cafe…  Chairs are too traditional and I can not change the color of them in Revit, so they only appear yellow, rather than black….   this has been a big problem with imported components.


Looking across the lobby.  Lighting will not turn on and materials are all gray….station.working.3a.rvt_2014-Apr-15_07-14-24PM-000_3D_View_38

Playing with slate flooring, the scale is too small here and looks fake.


An outside view of the platform.  I played with the scale of the slate floor and it looks much more realistic here.  Pole lights are not functional at this point…


Exterior view, with parking lot, food trucks, landscaping….   A copper standing seam roof is installed but looks like orange plaid, so that will have to change.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_01-30-05PM-000_3D_View_24

Front view with the bad roof.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-23_05-53-10AM-000_3D_View_13

Side view with the bad roof, it really looks bad here.  You can see the orchard that I installed on the site on the left and the solar panel field on the right.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_05-54-20PM-000_3D_View_9

An interior view of the lobby, materials are now correct on the table and chairs and the scale of the wood paneling is now correct on the walls.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-20_04-41-57PM-000_3D_View_7

Earlier shot of the platform, with no materials.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-20_04-21-21PM-000_3D_View_31

Looking form east to west trough the building.  scale of the wood paneling is too small and looks like wallpaper or a bad pattern.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-20_02-39-48PM-000_3D_View_44

Front entrance with signage installed, scale of paneling is still off.


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.35.21 PMrough draft of the station board.  Lots and Lots to figure out.  This is a train wreck…..

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Train car progress

I’ve been working with the train car quite a bit and figuring out how to model the complex shape in Revit.  I finally decided to model it as a roofing system that is extruded based on a curve.  The curve would be the outline of the shell.

Initial floor plan, working with a communal table idea.  A lot of space seems to be devoted to circulation.  This will need to change in future


Looking down the table the train car looks very long and narrow.  You can also see how I modeled the car shell.  I changed the roof material to glass to create the windows.  The tube effect that goes all the way around the exterior seems to be too much, as well as a detail that would be difficult to construct.  There would also be very little light control with this from the bar towards the communal table.  Very futuristic look.  It’s a start and I’m happy to have the shell modeled, but there will be a lot of work to refine this and make it what I want it to be.

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Field trip to the new underpass



We took a field trip this week to check out the new underpass.  The top is this geometric diamond pattern that is intricately painted so that when you walk through the color changes from gold to blue.  It’s pretty cool.  Speaking of paint, then interior is a graffiti resistant paint that is almost like rubber when you touch it.  It’s very weird.  There are emergency call boxes along one wall only and they are not illuminated, which is concerning, since they are an emergency safety device.

20140428-133119.jpgOutside of the tunnel lighting is in the center and inside the tunnel lighting is along the sides.


Close up of the fancy pain job.  all done by hand.


On the Lee St. Side.  The new courtyard.  sloped on the left and stepped on the right.


The new police station is to the right and seems very massive from this view.


Plantings and vegetation are abundant which helps to soften the hard edges.


At street level to the right is my site for my station.  The blue building would be demolished to make way for the new train station.


view from the underpass entrance towards my site, with beef burger in the background.  Beef Burger will be staying, their burgers are amazing.


From the site looking back towards the police station.

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Lighting Designer – Scott Richardson

Scott Richardson, a Greensboro lighting designer, came to our class and gave us a presentation on lighting.  After the presentation we have one on one time with Scott and our designs.  Scott and I walked through my train station and he pointed out one area specifically that would need a lot of attention to detail, the glass wall in the ticket lobby.  He spoke to me about making sure that I placed lighting on both sides of this wall that was very consistent.  If I did not do this it would create very bad glare and make it difficult for both staff and passengers to interact with each other.  We also quickly went through my rail car and everything looked ok, we did discuss the importance of selecting fixtures that will actually fit in the cavity of the rail car.  Some recessed light boxes are quite large and others can be very compact.  His advice and information was a huge help in the lighting design of both of my projects.

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Train Car Concept Sketches

Concept sketches got my mind really going.  All kinds of crazy ideas started popping into my head.  I could be as wild as I wanted to be…..   However;  I thought it should also relate to the Crescent train, which travels from New York to New Orleans.  A very wide array of possibilities could be considered.



Morocco was the concept of this car.  I envisioned a very dimly lit car, with lots of tiny holes for windows.  Creating a window screen with dappled light everywhere inside.  A large bar and three small intimate seating areas that were all their own compartment, to keep things quiet and elegant.


20140428-132912.jpgChevron – A popular pattern currently, may not have the longevity necessary for a rail car design.  This is a very abstracted concept.  The chevron is seen in the layout, mainly in the walkway.  I was thinking about windows at the peak of every chevron, so you walk towards the light, get there, turn and walk towards the other light.  This meandering path would focus your attention outside of the train on the passing view.



20140428-132842.jpgCommunal Bar – Large central bar gives patrons access on both sizes, may be to small of a space to make this work.  A long communal bar table is at one end for a lively space where people can meet new people.  The opposite end is smaller tables for more intimate conversations.




Speakeasy – A completely private compartment car.  Focuses on doors that close patrons off from the rest of the car.  The bar is like an old speakeasy, and you must have the password to gain access.  This could be a fun concept to work with.  The train car may not be wide enough to accommodate the concept fully.




Farm to Table – Concept has a full greenhouse in the middle of the train car which grows all of the produce that patrons eat in the car.  There is also a full kitchen and service area.  All of this support leaves very little room for patrons to actually eat.  This could make it a tough sale, or make the food extremely expensive……


Onion dome – alters the shape of the car, so it won’t fit through tunnels, which pretty much rules this one out……    The onion dome would be a soft interior all upholstered lounge room.  Under the dome would be a similar space, more cocoon like.






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