>Going to the Movies!!!


In class on Wednesday, September 15th, we viewed the documentary Rivers and Tides featuring Andy Goldsworthy, some of his works, and a bit of his creative process.  He is extremely connected to his sense of place and dislikes travel greatly because it disrupts his sense of place.  I am in awe at how he views the world.  He sees all the beauty in the earth’s most simple aspects.

Drawing from what he has around him, Andy creates amazingly delicate and impossible works.  In Rivers and Tides the works are temporary installations.  I really enjoyed seeing how the individual works interacted with their natural surroundings, how they changed, how they evolved, and how nature reclaimed the materials.

In his permanant installations, like the wall he did in Fire King Pensylvania, the way they interact with their surroundings amazes me.  Andy has the ability to think creatively like a child, I’m extremely jealous!!!  My favorite part of the documentary is when he discovers that the rocks in the stream are red due to their iron content.  He then proceeds to spend a few hours grinding up a few stones, adding some water to make a “ball” and launches this ball into the river, making the water look blood red.  What kid would not want to do this if their parents would only let them.

The documentary relates to our class very directly.  We have had the opportunity to see Andy work with leaves and twigs.  Both of these mediums we have or are working with and I can not wait to see what we work with next.

All images were taken from the internet and are considered to be of free domain.  If they are not please contact me and I will remove them.

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