>A container for Twelve stwigs (sticks and twigs)


 My PARTI – mainly my big idea.  Turns out this was extremely complicated and immediately began to be scaled back.
My first two Prototypes.  Here I was working with size and form.  These were centered around being an enclosure for the stwigs which made these objects about 18 inches tall.  These dwarfed the delicate nature of my stwings.

versions 3,4,5, and 6.  The scale is greatly reduced.  I’ve played around with the diameter of the tubes as well as the length and color of paper used.  String is my binding agent and is integral in the design and function of my final container.

Interior views – show how I ma trying to have a interior focus on the container.

Prototype for the first major critique.  I have focused on a six sided tube, based on the number 12.  There are twelve different pieces of string arranged to replicate the pattern that the branches of the stwigs make.  I really enjoy the pattern that the string makes on the inside of this piece.  I do not enjoy the pattern that they make on the outside, as this pattern does not relate to the stwigs.  I also needed to work on my point of juncture and either highlight this or integrate it more.

For our next critique I fashioned this prototype.  Here I have used 6 pieces of paper held together with 1 continuous piece of string.  The juncture point of the different pieces of paper has been stretched vertically to have a slight graceful curve which relates to the branching pattern on the stwigs.  The pieces of paper also form an outer and inner ring which relates to the stem structure of my stwigs.  The paper I chose was lighter in coloration which I felt was too austere for the stwigs.  From here I wanted to add significantly more string to develop the inside more and also work on my wrapping pattern and amount of wrapping on the stwigs themselves.  One major aspect still to be tackled is hot to seamlessly integrate the stwigs into their container. 

Final version failed prototype.  After a good hour and a half stringing string inside the container it came time to fold the ends over to make the tube come to life.  The additional string made this impossible to come to fruition.  This meant the final needed less string on the inside and led to my final project below.

My final Conatiner

This is my favorite way to view my container for my stwigs.  The ends of the stwigs were their most compelling attribute.  Inside the container is a web of twelve strings.  They create central place to contain the stwigs.

This is a view inside the container.  I wrapped the stwigs in a manner that reinforced the delicate curve of the stwigs.  The string is made from hemp and relates to the texture of the stwigs.

close up of the wrapping technique.

The container in it’s place on my twigs.

Here you can see the ends of the stwigs, the detail inside the container, and the slight curves on the outside of the container.

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