>Drafting Examples


For this assignment we had to pick a household object and draw the top, front, and side views.  I chose this candle vessel because it looks very simple.  Once you start measuring the container and you find many different angles and complex attributes.  My strength in this drawing is the composition and drafting style.  My weakness is the junction points of the curved sides.  Stephanie helped me work on this and suggested  I use a compass rather than a circle template.

This is an example of three different oblique view.  My weakness was trying to show the object with lines that did not really exist.  Some of the angles did not project properly either.

Extra Credit assignment.  This drawing was fun for me.  It gave me a bit of a challenge which strengthened some of my weaknesses.  Line weight and composition is good here.  No major flaws.

Object A and B – Elevation Oblique.  Strengths are line weight and composition.  Weaknesses are projecting circles correctly and lettering.

Objects A and B – Isometric Oblique.  This was chosen as a good example for others to follow.  I did put my circle in the wrong place on object a and I could work on my lettering.

Object A and B – Plan Oblique.  Good line weight and accuracy in corners are strengths.  Circles and Lettering are weaknesses.

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