>Light Prescedents – Marcus Tremonoto – Treluce Studios


something that makes things visible or affords illumination: All colors depend on light. (dictionary.com)
Marcus Tremonto is a light artist who blurs the traditional context of light.  His designs transcend what we consider a traditional light.  He primarly works with a electroluminescent material to create his pieces.  The use of this material challenges the individuals traditional view of light and how we see or expect to see light.  Most of his designs have this impossible nature to them, they really make you wonder how in the world does that happen.
Carbon 451
  The above work, Carbon 451, is his latest creation.  Carbon Fiber is the primary material used in this piece.  Marcus used this material to really push the boundaries for the piece.  If he used any other material he would not have been able to create this design, as it is self supporting.  
Pieces using electroluminescent materials (images from Gallery Fumi, London)
 Mr. Tremonto utilizes what I would call futuristic materials, materials that most of us have not heard of.  This material selection allows him to manipulate light in ways that we are not accustomed which is very fun and very interesting.  When you Compare Marcus Tremonto to another light artist, Paul Friedlander, once may see similarities in style, predominantly the minimalistic tendencies.  However, Friedlander used the common fluorescent tube to create his works rather than the high tech and commercially unavailable materials that Tremonto uses. 

above 4 images are from http://www.hometone.org

(information gathered from Gallery Fumi, London and Phillips de Pury & Company, New York, NY) 

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