>5 Sketches, Three for Me, and Two from them.


artist, Kate Ewen.  I chose this sketch because it show a very good use of shadow and light.  The accuracy is also very good.  The sketch resembles the object amazingly well. 
My first sketch of strong light through water.  I was super excited that I was able to achieve transparency and depth in a clear object.

One of my later strong light through water sketches.  Here I figured out how to sketch water droplets.

my best self portrait so far.  Somewhat captures me.  I struggle greatly with drawing faces.  My eyes are huge here, maybe it shows that I’m very eager to see the world!
artist, Jordyn Summers.  This is a great example of water in strong light in a clear vessel.  The use of shadowing and proportion are exceptional.  I can definately tell where the light source is and that there is water in the jug.

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