>A new Semester, A new blog Header

>Our first Design Visualization assignment of the semester – design a new header for your blog that represents you as a designer.  I was much more excited about this this time than last time.

I’m still a “young” designer so I chose to focus on skills that I have learned and developed so far.  I have not yet really worked with color.  New tools for the semester were Gray markers.  I chose this as my start and thought that the grays would relate to my current blog design.  I played around with the markers quite a bit, layering, overlapping, just experimenting.  This is how I approach most projects.

I created a background of gray stripes, some light, some dark.  Some overlap, some are multiple layers.  Then I created a rectangular grid overlay, for some structure and definition.  Both of these aspects represent me as a designer.  I tend to layer ideas and develop concepts over time and I feel this represents that aspect of me.

I took this background and scanned it into my computer and played with different fonts.  I chose to use Plantagenet Cherokee.  I enjoyed the structure of the letters as well as the slight playfulness they have.  This represents me as a designer since I like structure and a little irreverence or playfulness.  I usually want this to be understated and not a focal point, just something small that I enjoy.

Overall my new blog header shows depth, character, refinement, mistakes, layers, and a playful attribute.  These are all things that happen in design and embody the designer that I currently am.

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