>Light Box and the power of 4(four)

>Back in school finally….. and what do we receive as our first project….  Build a box with a white interior.  divide the space inside into four areas using light…..  Three would have been easy, five not much more difficult, but 4, that’s an even number.  I constructed my initial box out of foam core.  The product seemed way to pristine to cut a hole into, so I did just that.  I jabbed my exacto knife in and started carving away.

My first cut.  Creates a kick stand, sort of. This was interesting.  I now had 4 more sides to play with.

cut number two.  This cut was similar to a skinny S curve.  I twisted the cut piece like a louver.  The cut piece was more fun than the light it created.  Time for another cut.

Cut three.  An L shaped indention.  I like the starkness of the light and the depth of shadow.

Time to play with scale.  Here I made a huge cut, creating an angular plane coming into the box.  I like how the scale of the cut piece relates to the box and I am not excited by anything else here.

Large s curve/sail in the back wall.  Kind of like a parabola meets a shark fin.  I enjoy how the fin punctures the space and invites you out of the space at the same time. 

Here we see a huge chunk of one side folded in, similar to the kick stand just on a much larger scale.  Part two you can also see in this picture.  Use bamboo skewers and bristol board to help define the space.  I was still very lost as to what I was doing at this point.  I created some light tables.  Held them in place with some skewers and made a little place in the back as well.  Kind of an unrefined mess.

During critique many thought I needed an opening in the folded structure to invite your view further back.  I started with this small scale window with a light shelf below it.  This really didn’t do anything for me.

The skewer jail in the back corner of the box.  I like the panel that comes down from the top and the used of the skewers as a defining tool.  The scale is off though.

This is the back corner in my final piece.  The length of the cut is the same as one side of the box.  The total number of skewers is twice the length of the box.  I enjoy how the light filters down and through the skewer curtain as well as how the top panel interrupts the space.

My final composition.  I worked with the scale of the folded in side panel to make it more relative to the box.  I also played around with the scale of the cutout opening.  Expanding it to include almost all of the panel.  I am very pleased with how the light reflect off of the side panel and how the dark cut out part mimicks the shadow on the opposing wall.

Here you can see the light in a more defined pattern.  The space is divided in half horizontally and then again vertically.  Four spaces total.

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