>Design Manifesto (theory 1)

>Good design should be meaningful, thoughtful, approachable, energetic, affordable, and most importantly, sustainable.

As a designer why waste time, energy, and materials designing a sub-standard product.  There is always a way to create a design that satisfies all the necessary parameters, and do it in the “right” way.  Most of the time this takes multiple attempts, sometimes it’s three, sometimes it’s 3000.  A lot of design relies on thought.  Thinking how someone is going to use something, where and when they will use it.  How other people will use it, not just the target audience.  Then think about how people will utilize the design far off in the future.  Is the design dated in just a few months or years.  Maybe the concept should be rethought.

Part of being sustainable is longevity and permanence, make it last!!  Another key factor in being sustainable is re-usability, re-cycle-ability, re-incarnate-ability.  How many lives can the product have before it is no longer useful.

Aesthetics are key to any good design.  Pleas-ability is key in gaining acceptance or outrage.  Elegant, understated, refined materials;  Simple, clean, meaningful lines; Considerate, functional, eternal ideas.  These are the words that describe how I think and see the world around me and how I plan the world around me.  Everything has a place and everything in it’s place, please, leave the fluff for the marshmallows.  Good design is all around us;  sometimes we’re blown away by it, sometimes it’s so good we don’t even notice it.

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