>The Pill – a Social Networking Enhancement Device


The Pill Parti

The pill model.  8 1/4″ x 3 1/8″ x 1 1/2″  The side slot accepts an iPhone4 as the social media device.
Pills make things better…..
This pill is a social networking enhancer.  It allows an individual to utilize their social networking device anywhere in the world, regardless of power or internet connectivity.  Features include:
Charge pull – pull the string and the pill will activate a gyroscope and act as a power generating charging station.
Satellite button – Links you to a satellite with a satellite antenna, no cellular network needed.
Around me button – shows your friends on your will with dantance and directino from you and estimated travel time.
TV button – instantly links the pill to your television for viewing information.
Show me button – Activates video confrencing / video chat.
Emergency button – Instantly kills the pill to keep nosy people out of your social experience.
Kill button – Instantly disconnects all media devices around you.  All calls will be dropped, creating a world of silence.

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