>Exploring Materials and Value


Textile               Wood                    Carpet              Stone

For this project we visited the materials library and chose a textile, a wood, a carpet, and a stone.  We then rendered these items at actual size and at a scale of one inch equals one foot and applied a value scale to them as well.  Each section is 2 inches square.  We used graphite and pen on an 18 x 24 piece of paper.  My textile was my most difficult item to reproduce and took lots of trial and error.  I finally magnified the textile to analyze how it was made, which made rendering it much more approachable.  Stephanie showed us some of her rendering methods from when she was in undergrad and I applied some of her techniques to my carpet sample.

My materials are:

Textile:  Knoll, Gracenote Sheer Drapery Fabric D222/4 Topaz
Wood:  American Hardwoods, Sustainable Solutions, Walnut, Juglans Nigra
Carpet:  Shaw, Breezy Bahama, Trophy (color 0020), Style 5C110
Stone:  Ice Stone, Desert Pearl

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