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The dining together day project incorporates a 2015 United Nations Resolution to utilize social media and guests from all over the world to dine together in an effort to eradicate world hunger.  The event takes place bi-annually on the summer and winter solstice.  We were to design a space, a dining table, and a sideboard to incorporate 4-10 people.  In my parti I explored the ideas of circles, lemons, greens, yellows, and other naturally occurring ideas for my inspiration.  Here is the final project, it’s parts, and my process.
My presentation board presents one cohesive statement that is well organized, integrated, and complete.

Room perspective – Walls of glass act as television screens to incorporate the guests into another cultures dining experience.  This is accomplished by projecting the alternate location around them, immersing the participants in another cultures experience.  Floors are terrazzo, the fireplace is stacked slate, all wood elements are walnut.  The yellow green color on the walls reminds me of the rind of lemons and limes, which my parti was based upon.  After coloring the ceiling an ivory color I feel that a pale almost sky like blue would be more appropriate as this would visually tie the ceiling and outdoor sky together, helping the room relate more to the outdoors around it.

I chose the Kanu Chair.  Designed by Konstantin Grcic and produced by Cassina.  This chair is made of wood and is somewhat snug, yet still comfortable.  I chose an all wood chair to remind the participants that they are there to eradicate world hunger.  Over a long dinner I would anticipate the wood would be slightly uncomfortable, reminding the diners that hunger is not a pleasant experience. 

Floor Plan – Dotted lines show the beams in the ceiling that frame the actions on the floor itself.  The table sits off center in a space defined by the ceiling.  The fireplace sits directly opposite the table.  The guests at my dinner will be cooking their food in the expansive fireplace.  The three sideboard pieces sit adjacent to the fireplace.  Individuals enter the space through a large opening in the north corner of the room, giving them an unobstructed southern view over the mountains below.

Axonometric View – Shows how the fireplace has a raised hearth which is instrumental in the preparation of the dinner.
South West Elevation – shows the outdoor terrace that steps gradually into the landscape.

Dining table plan – My original plan was to have a much more arched leg opening.  This ended up making the table look like the Colosseum in Rome.  I re-evaluated and made the legs much more narrow and the arches barely evident to create a more elegant, simple table.  I chose an oval shape to somewhat contrast the hard, sharp edges prevalent in the room.  The table is made of walnut.
Sideboard – Inspiration for my sideboard came from both a lemon slice and a grouping of chrome hardware knobs grouped together.  Three of these units will be placed together to create the sideboard unit.  Two door on the front of each sideboard open to revel storage. 
Model entrance view – This is the view one sees entering the room.  The fireplace is to the left.  Evidence of the beamed ceiling is above and frames the dining and preparation areas below it.
Model view from the west wall.  The table is seen first and the fireplace is behind it which is represented by the wall bump out.
Model top view – shows the model and how it is the same as the plan view.
This is the beamed ceiling that I created.  When used on the model I felt it was not as refined as it needed to be so I chose a flat beam detail to represent them in my final model.
My perspective work sheet where I worked out some techniques and color choices for my final perspective.
Un-resolved room perspective.  This is the perspective of the initial room that I designed.  The scale did not seem quite rite and Stoel and I discussed how to improve upon this idea and make it work better.  I feel that my final design was much more successful than my initial design.
initial axon drawing.  The columns seemed way to large in this space as did the area between the table and fireplace.
Initial plan – shows the same table and sideboard that I used in my final drawing.  I did scale the sideboard down from 5 pieces to 3 pieces.
My initial sketch model, showing the fireplace and the table that resemble the Colosseum.

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