>Monticello – Plan from memory and ponderances…..


From our trip to Monticello and Falling Water, I chose to write about Monticello.  Monticello is a more formal layout which resonates more with and how I live.  There is a privacy gradient from formal to personal space which I enjoy in a home.  I am most intrigues in the ways that Jefferson built the house.  The structure was a constant design evolution, Putting up and Tearing down.  His does seem to be an extreme case though.  The technologies that he used intrigue me.  Using octagonal rooms to avoid dark corners and give you more usable wall space.  I didn’t think this would work in theory, yet in actuality it does so quite well.  Triple hung windows, aid in ventilation as well as act as impromptu doors.  The brick pattern, which ads strength to the structure.  I really enjoy tall ceilings and the relationship to how one feels in the space.  What is tall enough and what is too tall or not tall enough.  This concept was definitely challenged at Falling Water.  The ceilings there were 6’4″, which I thought would be extremely oppressive, yet they were not.  I was most perplexed in Jefferson and his “perfect outside” of his home related to the many un-resolved interior issues.  Such as window sizes, Moldings and trim not being correct.  I would have thought that he could have this figured out.  Seeing a classical structure such as Monticello and comparing that to A modern structure such as Falling Water was amazing. 

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