>Two Views of Design

>Today in class we broke into groups and discussed 5 question in relation the Eames’ legacy and HGTV’s design star.  We began with education and the role it plays in interior design.

 While some feel that it’s being in the right place at the right time, others know that you can create the place and time.  Education teaches you the rules, so you know how to break them and when to break them.  Education gives you a foundation so you know the correct ways to do things, such as produce drawings for construction.  Education gives you a set of tools that help you succeed.  Education teaches you history, so that when you buy a louis xiv chair for a client, you know it’s authentic because of what you learned to look for in your education process.  Education is insurance for your clients.  A good education is going to put you in front of the top design firms that you want to work for.  With out the education most will simply overlook you. 

Working for these firms allows you to build experience and credentials.  Both of which allow you to get better clients and better contracts.  Holistic designs are awarded to designers that have the where with all to put together a cohesive package that reads as one.  Being able to understand what your client is asking for and being able to deliver it are two totally different things.  Many times it is up to the design professional to educate their client about the different possibilities.  The client puts their trust in you because you  know what you are doing and how to do it. 

Having a network of other design professionals gives you back up.  If you have a client that you are working with and they want something you have not done before, you instantly have a peer group that can help you out.  Being able to work these things out and knowing how to work with your contractors to get things done right is what your clients came to your for. 

The design star mentality glosses over the surface.  Everything looks good, sort of, maybe, kind of, or not really.  Everything is superficial.  Good, educated, design will solve problems and will have substance.  A good design that works well for you, solves your problems, and lasts a long time is something that you’ll not get from design star.  Hire a professional, they know how to do it the right way the first time.  Sure it’s more expensive up front, but you’re not re-doing it over and over and over to try to make it right.

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