>BP14 – my favorite Object, Space, Building, and Place


To wrap up the semester we get to choose our favorite Object, Space, Building, and Place to write about.  Here are some of mine.

Object:  Espresso Maker

my espresso maker delivers fantastic coffee, just like any fine coffee house.  The design is simple, elegant, and functional.  Th footprint is half that of my microwave which gave me more counter space as well.  Espresso wakes me up in the morning and allows me to function and learn.

Space:  Kitchen

For me, the kitchen is a creative outlet.  I enjoy cooking and preparing meals more than anything else that I do.  It is a way for me to be creative and experimental while at the same time creating amazing food.  I like to entertain and the kitchen makes or breaks this for me.  Having a well designed, functional, and appropriate space is critical.  I live in my kitchen so it needs to be one of the most special places in the house.  There is no room for fast food in my kitchen.
Building:  Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venice Italy

I ended up here almost by chance.  While in Venice a friend of my parents suggested that I stop by here to visit.  I barely had time to see what I wanted to see, let alone another art museum.  Boy was I glad that I made time for this place.  The museum was the home of Peggy Guggenheim for over 30 years.  Originally it was designed to be a palace, yet was never finished.  All you see it the first floor.  I enjoy that it stands out on the grand canal.  It’s only one floor when most building are at least two.  The gardens are amazingly simple and unexpected in the city.  What I truly enjoy the most is the interior.  The pale pale brown terrazzo floors, the clean lines, the simplicity.  All juxtaposed against the exterior facade.  I was there in August, It was so hot and so humid outside you were soaking when just from stepping outside.  When I arrived here and entered the building it was cool, dry, calming, and pristine.
Place:  Blue Ride Mountains, Allegheny County NC

This is where I spent a lot of time during the summers growing up.  The air is cool, crisp, and thin.  The smell is clean and un-polluted.  The views are stunning.  The life is simple.  There are no bugs!!!  Picnics in the pasture, nights in a one room cabin, little or no electricity.  Ice cold lake water.  A spring house a smoke house, things I had never heard of, that now I want.  This is where I want to end up, forever.

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