Office Space Prescednets, Reception area

In our Design Visualization class we are designing an office space for our very own self.  We have been instructed to incorporate our concept from our previous drawing into the space.  Mine was hummingbird flight.  Here are three presecdents  that have details I would find pleasing in my space.


In the image above I enjoy how the ceiling interacts with the space.  The two parallel beams that come down to the floor are the primary element of interest in this image.  The pattern of the floor directly relates to the lines these create.


The desk is of interest in this image.  I like the wood and “metal” banding that is lit.  The shapes, shadows, and use of color make the space have more interest and movement.  I also like how the file cabinet bank behind the desk uses the same design elements as the desk.


The desk is also one of the primary elements that I enjoy in this space.  I like the clean lines and purity of the color, white.  The elevated glass bar top is also nice.  It would provide a nice separation for the receptionist as well as a place for visitors to write while standing.  The second aspect of the space that I like is the wood paneling behind the desk.  Here the clean lines and warmth or wood contrast with the starkness of the desk.  I appreciate that the wood is kept light and not stained very dark.  The overall effect is light and welcoming to me.

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