Light Scavenger Hunt

In the EUC Food court the booths along the back wall feature very dim lighting. The light creates a quiet space to gather and relax. In contrast the main lighting of the EUC is very bright and creates overall illumination. The light is focused on the ceiling which reflects the light back down into the environment. This creates a somewhat even wash of light over the entire area.

This section of the EUC features a dropped ceiling, dim light, and seating along both sides of the corridor. The dim light creates a welcoming and calming atmosphere. Many people gather here for coffee or to do homework. The only drawback to this space is the very bright lighting at both ends of the corridor. The light is blindingly bright, which offsets the cam atmosphere that is being created by the low ceiling and dim light.

The lighting on this Starbucks sign in the EUC is very focused. The light is above and in front of the sign. This type of lighting makes the sign pop out of it’s dim environment. The surface of the sign is clearly illuminated. the intensity of the light also casts very dark and defined shadows.

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