Adams bookstore –

-only one type of lighting

– naked bulbs cause glare

– visual interest in the space is at a minimum due to poor lighting concept

– not inspiring or creative

-a complete overhaul of the current lighting plan is needed.  Wall washers can illuminate items on the perimeter walls.  Diffusers on the overhead lights can limit the glare.  Focal lighting can add interest to the space.  Task lighting can illuminate work areas as well as focal features throughout the space.


East Coast Wings –

– Layers of lighting are seen at the bar only.  Halogen sconces are on the wall and halogen pendants are above the bar.  However;  at the end of the bar a large track system is in place of a pendant that tries to illuminate lots of areas.  This causes a great deal of glare and brightness and is mostly ineffective.

– Throughout the restaurant lighting is sporadic wit the same pendants that are above the bar.  This causes some table to be lit and others to not be lit.  the only lighting interest is in the shape and color of the pendants.

– A proper lighting design would be ideal here.  The current one seems to have no reasoning behind placement of the luminaires.  They are task oriented lights that do not help the task.  Pendants over each table to illuminate the surface as well as wall washers to illuminate the space would be a good start.


Weatherspoon Art Museum –

-Very obvious lighting plan in place here.  Both for day lighting and artificial lighting.

– Along this hallway the left wall is a gallery wall.  There are clearstory windows above the wall that wash the wall with northern light which is even and renders color well.  A fluorescent fixture also washes this wall and creates a very even light wash.  There are also hidden wall washers within the clearstory windows that wash the wall.

– The end of the hallway is one wall that is a window.  A great deal of glare comes from this window.  The light is almost overwhelming, yet it does draw one down the hallway.

– The right side of the hallway has light coming in from a window that is open to a light well, which is lit from clearstory windows as well, facing north.  Pretty impressive to have northern lighting qualities on both the north and south walls in a space.  Pockets of shads and light along this wall keep the individual interested in continuing down the path.

-There is a great deal of visual interest created by light in this space.  The hallway is pretty bland and boring with out this.  I would recommend a coating on the window to limit the amount of light that penetrates the space to control the glare that one sees from the end of the hall.  Overall this is a very successful lighting plan.

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