Light Series One

Late August. The sun is starting to move lower in the sky.

Early September. The sunlight on the floor appears to be tracking to the North.

The sun is lower in the sky now. The light pattern is tracking more to the north and they coloration is also becoming warmer. A distinctive yellow tone was noted on this day, not only in the light on the floor but also in the light in the sky.

The light on the floor is tracking further North, almost horizontal entering the space. Colors are still warm. Slightly yellow color to the light during this observance.

Light continues to track North on the floor in this space. Warmer, red tones are seen in the light in the sky as well as the light shining on the floor in the space.

The space that I chose to analyze is the sunroom in my home.  The space is located on the west wall and receives North, South, and Western sun.  During the day the sun sits higher in the sky which allows light to come into the room, however it does not penetrate very deeply into the room.  As the day progresses the light moves to the side of the room and as the day turns to evening the light is horizontal as it enters the room through the windows.  This also starts to happen earlier and earlier the closer to winter that we get.  The quality of light also changes.  During the summer the light is bright and blue and white in quality.  Closer to winter the light starts changing to a more yellow color progressing into the oranges and reds.  The light also changes where it hits on the floor as the seasons progress.  A distinctive shift from south to north in the shadow pattern was observed in the space.  It will be interesting to see how it progresses back to the south and at what point in the year it does that.

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