Light Sketch Series 3

Series looking at lighting with the presence of daylight

Series looking at lighting without the presence of daylight

This series of observations had us going on a scavenger hunt looking for different light sources throughout our building and seeing how fabrics appear under their presence.  We looked at the fabrics under various lights during two different times of day.  The most obvious idea that I learned during this experience is that while photographing the fabric swatches I did not notice a great difference in the color rendering properties of each individual lamp.  However;  when I composed the images into a composition I could see vast difference. I chose four lamp types, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and metal halide.  I was expecting the incandescent to be the best color renderer, and the metal halide to be the worst.  The metal halide bulb rendered the blue and brown colors the best while the incandescent rendered the red and tan color the best.  The same seemed true with the halogen and fluorescent.  For both sets the cooler lights rendered the cooler colors better, while the warmer lights rendered the warmer colors better.  The absence of daylight allowed each particular light source to be better evaluated.  The presence of daylight seemed to muddy the results slightly.

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