Weekly Process

This week in studio we participated in a design Charette to design our studio space.  We broke into groups of 4 and were tasked to create a professional, design firm, type of environment for ourselves.  Below are some photos from our first round.


We chose to quickly draft our space outline, with walls and columns and cut out desks to scale.  this made accurate planning very quick. We could also do quick alternative plans.  This was a very efficient way to roughly plan our space.  We met and discussed our plans to see what worked and what did not work.  We then switched our teams around and did a second charette.


My teams second version placed work spaces near the windows, a lounge space at the core of the studio and our meting spaces at the interior perimeter.  This arrangement created a privacy gradient for us and placed an emphasis on togetherness with our central lounge.


We all voted on the plan we liked the best and the one above won.  All the plans were similar in that the desk spaces are near windows.  Meeting space is now central and our lounge is off to the side to help control noise.


Here is the final space!

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