Train Movie (s)

For the weekend we were assigned the task of watching a movie that had a train in it.  I chose to watch the Darjeeling limited.  The movie was primarily based on a train.  A few ideas that stuck out to me were:

1-  this was a full service train traveling across India.
2- compartments were dual function, daytime seating, nighttime sleeping.  The staff changed the compartments  over during dinner.
3- meals lasted a very long time and if there were 3 in your party the staff would seat a 4th at your table to fill the seats.
4- the passenger compartment had a staff apartment at one end and bathing facilities at the other.  Passengers had to travel through these more private areas to move between cars.



I also chose to watch the hunger games after hearing everyone speak of how fantastic the train was.


TrainsThere was not a whole lot of this movie that took place on the train.  However, they train was over top sumptuous and very memorable.  Dark colors, rich fabrics, shiny wood, all combine to make this train very luxurious.  I would very much like to ride on this train forever!!!

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