Jordan, Melissa, Public gets first look at detailed concepts for BART’s Fleet of the Future, Bay Area Rapid Transit. Sept 1, 2011

BART is the Bay Area Rapid Transit authority, and they enlisted BMW Group to re-design their rail cars to better serve the public.  They proposed three different subway car designs which were voted on by the public, and as expected the final car combined excellent aspects of each car into one.  Overall the train design was user centric.

A Subway Car with Fewer Doors, but More Ways Out:

Flegenheimer, Matt, A Subway Car with Fewer Doors, but More Ways Out, The New York Times. October 20, 2013

This article discusses the pros and cons of having articulated train cars rather than individual ones.  These train cars are connected from from to back, like articulated city buses.  Pros of this design allow passengers to move freely throughout the train, crowding is diminished, and the riding experience is less stressful.  Cons of this design are gangs can patrol more freely, if a passenger gets sick, the car cannot be closed or isolated, and less security.

Starbucks cars:

SBB to open Starbucks carriage, Global Rail News. Nov. 15, 2013.

Bone, Katie, Starbucks unveils its first coffee shop on wheel, Interior Design. Dec. 2, 2013

SBB, a Swiss Train operator, partnered with Starbucks to create their first coffee car.  This is a double decker train car which features a coffee bar with seating on the lower level and table service on the upper level.  Brand identity is carried through this concept with Latte colored interiors which feature leather seating, wood table and bar tops and high quality lighting, including inverted coffee cups as table lamps.





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