Train Car Concept Sketches

Concept sketches got my mind really going.  All kinds of crazy ideas started popping into my head.  I could be as wild as I wanted to be…..   However;  I thought it should also relate to the Crescent train, which travels from New York to New Orleans.  A very wide array of possibilities could be considered.



Morocco was the concept of this car.  I envisioned a very dimly lit car, with lots of tiny holes for windows.  Creating a window screen with dappled light everywhere inside.  A large bar and three small intimate seating areas that were all their own compartment, to keep things quiet and elegant.


20140428-132912.jpgChevron – A popular pattern currently, may not have the longevity necessary for a rail car design.  This is a very abstracted concept.  The chevron is seen in the layout, mainly in the walkway.  I was thinking about windows at the peak of every chevron, so you walk towards the light, get there, turn and walk towards the other light.  This meandering path would focus your attention outside of the train on the passing view.



20140428-132842.jpgCommunal Bar – Large central bar gives patrons access on both sizes, may be to small of a space to make this work.  A long communal bar table is at one end for a lively space where people can meet new people.  The opposite end is smaller tables for more intimate conversations.




Speakeasy – A completely private compartment car.  Focuses on doors that close patrons off from the rest of the car.  The bar is like an old speakeasy, and you must have the password to gain access.  This could be a fun concept to work with.  The train car may not be wide enough to accommodate the concept fully.




Farm to Table – Concept has a full greenhouse in the middle of the train car which grows all of the produce that patrons eat in the car.  There is also a full kitchen and service area.  All of this support leaves very little room for patrons to actually eat.  This could make it a tough sale, or make the food extremely expensive……


Onion dome – alters the shape of the car, so it won’t fit through tunnels, which pretty much rules this one out……    The onion dome would be a soft interior all upholstered lounge room.  Under the dome would be a similar space, more cocoon like.






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