Lighting Designer – Scott Richardson

Scott Richardson, a Greensboro lighting designer, came to our class and gave us a presentation on lighting.  After the presentation we have one on one time with Scott and our designs.  Scott and I walked through my train station and he pointed out one area specifically that would need a lot of attention to detail, the glass wall in the ticket lobby.  He spoke to me about making sure that I placed lighting on both sides of this wall that was very consistent.  If I did not do this it would create very bad glare and make it difficult for both staff and passengers to interact with each other.  We also quickly went through my rail car and everything looked ok, we did discuss the importance of selecting fixtures that will actually fit in the cavity of the rail car.  Some recessed light boxes are quite large and others can be very compact.  His advice and information was a huge help in the lighting design of both of my projects.

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