Field trip to the new underpass



We took a field trip this week to check out the new underpass.  The top is this geometric diamond pattern that is intricately painted so that when you walk through the color changes from gold to blue.  It’s pretty cool.  Speaking of paint, then interior is a graffiti resistant paint that is almost like rubber when you touch it.  It’s very weird.  There are emergency call boxes along one wall only and they are not illuminated, which is concerning, since they are an emergency safety device.

20140428-133119.jpgOutside of the tunnel lighting is in the center and inside the tunnel lighting is along the sides.


Close up of the fancy pain job.  all done by hand.


On the Lee St. Side.  The new courtyard.  sloped on the left and stepped on the right.


The new police station is to the right and seems very massive from this view.


Plantings and vegetation are abundant which helps to soften the hard edges.


At street level to the right is my site for my station.  The blue building would be demolished to make way for the new train station.


view from the underpass entrance towards my site, with beef burger in the background.  Beef Burger will be staying, their burgers are amazing.


From the site looking back towards the police station.

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