Train car progress

I’ve been working with the train car quite a bit and figuring out how to model the complex shape in Revit.  I finally decided to model it as a roofing system that is extruded based on a curve.  The curve would be the outline of the shell.

Initial floor plan, working with a communal table idea.  A lot of space seems to be devoted to circulation.  This will need to change in future


Looking down the table the train car looks very long and narrow.  You can also see how I modeled the car shell.  I changed the roof material to glass to create the windows.  The tube effect that goes all the way around the exterior seems to be too much, as well as a detail that would be difficult to construct.  There would also be very little light control with this from the bar towards the communal table.  Very futuristic look.  It’s a start and I’m happy to have the shell modeled, but there will be a lot of work to refine this and make it what I want it to be.

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