Huge process week

Its just a week away until the final presentation.  So lots happening on the process front.  I’ve finalized the rail car design, started the boards, and have been working with material a great deal in Revit.  Getting the materials and lighting correct takes a huge amount of time, hours and hours, and when the cloud slows down it turns into days and days.

Night view of the communal area with materials and lighting.

The lounge side with landscaping and accent lighting placed on tables.

View of the communal area before materials and un functional

The same view with functional lighting…. station.working.3a.rvt_2014-Apr-15_01-16-10PM-000_3D_View_2

Station render with correct furniture, incorrect fabrics on safe, no materials on walls and incorrect lighting.


Looking into the cafe…  Chairs are too traditional and I can not change the color of them in Revit, so they only appear yellow, rather than black….   this has been a big problem with imported components.


Looking across the lobby.  Lighting will not turn on and materials are all gray….station.working.3a.rvt_2014-Apr-15_07-14-24PM-000_3D_View_38

Playing with slate flooring, the scale is too small here and looks fake.


An outside view of the platform.  I played with the scale of the slate floor and it looks much more realistic here.  Pole lights are not functional at this point…


Exterior view, with parking lot, food trucks, landscaping….   A copper standing seam roof is installed but looks like orange plaid, so that will have to change.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_01-30-05PM-000_3D_View_24

Front view with the bad roof.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-23_05-53-10AM-000_3D_View_13

Side view with the bad roof, it really looks bad here.  You can see the orchard that I installed on the site on the left and the solar panel field on the right.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_05-54-20PM-000_3D_View_9

An interior view of the lobby, materials are now correct on the table and chairs and the scale of the wood paneling is now correct on the walls.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-20_04-41-57PM-000_3D_View_7

Earlier shot of the platform, with no materials.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-20_04-21-21PM-000_3D_View_31

Looking form east to west trough the building.  scale of the wood paneling is too small and looks like wallpaper or a bad pattern.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-20_02-39-48PM-000_3D_View_44

Front entrance with signage installed, scale of paneling is still off.


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.35.21 PMrough draft of the station board.  Lots and Lots to figure out.  This is a train wreck…..

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