Final Push

For my final boards I decided to hand do all of my drawings and do a trace line overlay on top of the rendered images.  I really felt that this style would tie the project more to the vernacular architecture style that I was after with my design.  This style would make everything less polished looking and more rural in style.  This took an immense amount of time, much more so that I thought it would.  I would take the drawings and overlay them with the renderings in photoshop to create the final images for the boards.


photo 4

hand sketched floor plan before scanning into the computer and manumitting.

photo 3


train car dining sketchphoto 2


train car lounge sketch.  I only sketched the ares that I wanted to stand 1


train station sketched elevationphoto 5

train station sketched section cutphoto 4


second sketched section cutphoto 3

dining lounge sketch.  I blacked out the chairs because I could not get revit to render them black.  I hoped this would overlay with the rendered image and show the chairs as black rather than 2Money shot sketch


Money shot showing all of the site and the train station and plan

Final site plan.  Shows bus turn out in the front, a pedestrian centric layout, building, platform, tracks, solar panel field, and orchard.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_08-20-50PM-000_3D_View_10

raw rendered ticket lobbystation.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_08-10-26PM-000_3D_View_3

raw rendered dining areastation.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_08-07-22PM-000_3D_View_2

raw rendered loungestation.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-24_12-07-57AM-000_3D_View_8

view looking though the connector out towards the platforms, with exit sign.station.working.3c.rvt_2014-Apr-22_08-11-14PM-000_3D_View_3

Dining area during the day.  I chose to show the space at dusk to give more depth to the images.plan

rendered floor plan after scanning the sketch and adding detail with illustrator.lobby

Rendered ticket lobby and sketch overlay.lounge

Rendered lounge with sketch overlay.dine

Rendered cafe with sketch overlay.

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