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Station rough sketches

Here are some rough idea sketches for exterior schemes. Some include a very rough plan or organization and some include a rough section.  My concept is Dogwood.  So like the flower, I’m envisioning a 4 part structure with a central core.  Exterior materials:  I’m thinking stone and vertical board and batten siding, maybe in metal or concrete, rather than wood.  Kind of a modern farm house, native NC vernacular language.

20140224-152849.jpg 20140224-152834.jpg 20140224-152822.jpg 20140224-152812.jpg 20140224-152756.jpg 20140224-152747.jpg 20140224-152738.jpg 20140224-152729.jpg

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Site options

Once I got my topography in Revit, I added some major landmarks that are relevant to the site.  Beef Burger is to the east, the UNCG pedestrian underpass is to the west, train tracks are north, and Lee st. is south.  All of these landmarks are roughly in place in my revit model.  This allows me to work in scale on possible site plans.  The large circle represents a bus round about, such as the one next to the library.  The train station is a mass at this point, as I have not developed the plan yet.  I played around with a basic rectangle and a cross as well.

Here are some screen captures of my process:

site.9 site.8 site.7 site.6 site.5 site.4 site.3 site.2 site.1

Going through this process brought several ideas to the forefront that will be key in finalizing the site plan.

-The bus turn around is about 95′ across, which makes it one of the largest aspects of the site.

– The site elevation decreases from west to east.

-The site elevation dramatically increases along the north side which will play a major role in the connection of station to tracks.

– The site should focus on pedestrian, bike, and bus traffic, with less emphasis on car parking.

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Creating A Topographic map using sketchup and revit

While working on site plans I drove by the site and noticed that the rear of the lot slopes dramatically up to the railroad tracks.  In order to have a more accurate portrayal of what can be built there I thought I should try to create a topography map in Revit.  I first tried finding topographical maps of the area, which were old and not very detailed.  Further research showed me that I could use sketchup to import a google earth model and then export that as a dwg file.  Very easy!  Once in Revit I imported the cad file and went into the massing and site area and revit created the map for me.

here is a link to the youtube video that I used to help me out with this.  It ended up being far easier than I had anticipated.

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Transportation Museum Visit

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February 17, 2014 · 12:49 pm

Train Station Visit

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February 17, 2014 · 12:38 pm

Site Visit Photos

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February 17, 2014 · 12:24 pm

Proposed Site Plan Site Plan

Proposed site plan for train station.

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February 12, 2014 · 11:37 am